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Reliable Property Management Services in West Orange, NJ

Sheldon Gross Realty is a leading company in the industrial, office and retail sectors of the commercial real estate brokerage industry. We provide both leasing and sale services in addition to property management services in West Orange, NJ. Rely on our real estate consultants to help you through the buying and leasing process. Our company is experienced in tenant and landlord operations, and provide our clients with the highest standards of performance.

Real Estate Consultant in West Orange, NJ

A Group of Reliable Landlord Representatives

Avoid dealing with the complexity and hassle of marketing your new property in this competitive environment. Rely on our experts in landlord representation to assist in coping with and screening prospective tenants or businesses for your property.

We provide our clients with exceptional performance especially regarding listing or leasing your property. We do this by developing strategies to enhance the value of your assets, so you will receive maximum cash flow and decreased transaction costs.

Become a Well-Informed Tenant

We want our clients to feel confident in their real estate choices which is why we offer representation for potential tenants. Proper representation during the real estate selection process will ensure that you pay the right price for your site. Our knowledge of the industry and superior negotiating skills are our primary tools in assisting your search for your new property. Let our experts in tenant representation help you pre-qualify for properties, research and compare listings, and arrange the terms of the lease or sale.

Property Management Assistance

Maximize the financial return of your properties through our management services. We use in-depth analysis to identify the optimal ways to utilize your property. Research and complete industry knowledge are our keys to providing full-service capabilities for property owners. Let our brokers and consultants offer property management services in the following:

  • Marketing Property
  • Qualify Prospects
  • Supervise Repairs and Renovations
  • Match Prospects with Properties Using Siteology
  • Retaining Tenants

Schedule a free initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable realtors to learn about the ins and outs of our services and the daily processes that we employ to protect your assets and maximize your rental return.

Optimizing Landlord Representation

Contact our offices today to schedule a consultation with one of our property management experts. We proudly provide services in New Jersey, with a focus on West Orange.